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Original Factory Chinese Herbal Natural Foot Powder Spray For Ordor Anti-fungal And Deodorant

This foot powder spray is extracted from natural plants, added with traditional Chinese herbals, which are harmless to the skin...

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Product Details

Original factory Chinese herbal natural foot powder spray for ordor anti-fungal and deodorant


Our foot anti-fungal spray can inhibit the fungus and treat the athlete's foot. And foot spray herbal has good treatment effect on foot sweat, foot odor, itching, peeling and blister.

Production description

Product name

Wood vinegar fungistat foot spray







Main ingredients

Refined wood vinegar solution, Artemisia argyi, Sophora flavescens extracted components from Chinese medicinal herbs

Range of use

Barbiers, Foot odour, Itchy feet, Peeling, Tinea manuum, Mosquito bites ect. antibacterial disinfection and antipruritic.


Spray the product directly on the skin, 2-3 times, and
spray the insoles, socks and shoes.


Close shading preservation.

Production unit

Dongying runyi biological technology co.LTD.

Production date

On the bottle


24 months

1. This foot deodorant spray has natural components from plants, and a small amount of sediment is normal, does not affect the effect.
2. This natural foot spray is only for external use of skin. It is forbidden to take orally. If you accidentally enter your eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with clean water.
3. Allergy to this product and pregnant women should be cautious; Careful use of skin trauma and ulceration.

Ensure excellent quality

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We execute strict QC from propellant, containers, raw materials, to semi- and final products. We have advanced analysis test lab for biological, chemical and physical tests, we can ensure excellent quality to outperforming the competition.

1.How about Toroyal Group?
Established in 2002, Toroyal develops and increase continuously. Thanks to reliable quality and timely supply, she is deeply trusted by customers, which also helps to create long-term business relationships.

2.Are you a factory or trading company?
Yes, we are a manufacturer. Welcome to visit at any time.

3.Is the sample free?
Yes, we can provide sample free in certain quantity, the freight fee is collected by you.

4.What's the delivery time?
It is normally 20 days.

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