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Food Grade Green Natural Refined Wood Vinegar Liquid Non-toxic and Harmless Antiseptic High Purity Refined Products Additive

Refined wood vinegar can be used in beauty care, medicine and food processing.And our product is non toxic wood vinegar.

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Refined wood vinegar can be used in beauty care, medicine and food processing.And our product is non toxic wood vinegar.

Wood vinegar is a byproduct from charcoal production. It is a liquid generated from the gas and combustion of fresh wood burning in airless condition. When the gas is cooled, it condenses into liquid. Raw wood vinegar has more than 200 chemicals, such as acetic acid, formaldehyde, ethyl-valerate, methanol, tar, etc.The refined wood vinegar solution is obtained from the distillation of the wood vinegar solution. The product is yellow or colorless transparent liquid with no impurities, and has a special smoky aroma. This product is a good raw material for deodorizing, cleaning and cleaning products.

Natural plant extraction/Natural fungicide/Improved soil organic fertilizer/refined wood vinegar


Use of refined wood vinegar solution


●1.Used as beauty care and antibacterial antibacterial.Wood vinegar liquor is added to the cosmetic to soften the skin surface keratin, sterilization, the maintenance of the skin and other good effects. Wood vinegar liquid can also be diluted directly to the 20-40 times, used as an antibacterial,clean the skin and sterilization, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and other functions, used in the treatment of skin disease, acne (whelk) and beriberi, etc., the effect is very significant.

●2.Used to make health drinks.Through medical experiments and clinical evidence,wood vinegar liquid beverage has good effect on strengthening gastrointestinal,activating cell function, removing body fat and preventing aging, liver disease, skin disease and diabetes.

●3.Used as a food additive.Wood vinegar liquor has strong anti-acidification effect, and the refined wood vinegar solution is an ideal corrosion inhibitor, fumigation agent and antibacterial preservative in food processing.Add natural wood vinegar liquid food and beverage,has a strong resistance to acidification,the SOD activity value is very high, can remove the activity of acid in the body, for fatigue, smoking, too full stress reaction on the activity of acid, has good scavenging effect,and add the green wood vinegar liquid food for health care and disease prevention role.

Toroyal factory


Shandong Tairan Biological Engineering Co., affiliated to shandong Toroyal Group.Its products liquid wood vinegar after further processing can be widely used in ecological agriculture and organic agriculture, ecological forestry, ecological fishery, ecological farming, flower planting, sewage treatment, soil improvement, ecological aspects such as pesticide and daily necessities, wide application, the effect is obvious. In addition, the improvement of saline-alkali land, prevention and control of water and algae blooms, anti-drug control and so on have shown encouraging results in many aspects. According to the statistics, Japan has already used wood to use the wood to use in the green organic agriculture and the ecological agriculture, the amount of wood is over 40,000 tons per year. The U.S. also has extensive applications.

Packing and loading


We use white barrels for refined wood vinegar. You can rest assured that the liquid won't leak out.


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We locate in Guangrao,Dongying city, Shandong province,China.

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4.Where is you company?

We locate in Guangrao,Dongying city, Shandong province,China.