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Characteristics And Properties Of MDF
- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. The internal structure is homogeneous, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, the deformation is small.

2. The physical and mechanical properties of the static bending strength, the internal bonding strength, the elastic modulus, the plate surface and the edge grip screw strength are better than the particleboard.

3. Smooth surface, easy to two times processing, can be pasted veneer, sliced veneer, paint paper, impregnated paper, can also be directly painted and printed decoration.

4. Medium density fibreboard large format, plate thickness can also be in 2.5~35mm range changes, can be produced according to different purposes.

5. Mechanical processing performance is good, sawing, drilling, tenon, milling, sanding and other processing properties similar to wood, and some even better than wood.

6. Easy to carve and milling into various types of surface, shape of the furniture parts, processing into the special edge of the edge can not be sealed directly paint and other finishing treatment.

7. In MDF production process to add waterproof agent, fire agent, preservatives and other chemical agents, the production of special-purpose MDF.