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Characteristics Of Electric Venetian Blinds
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Electric Venetian Blinds through the use of direct current motor to promote the lifting of blades to replace the traditional horizontal Venetian blinds hand-pull transmission mode, in the operation process more simple and arbitrary. Electric Venetian Blinds can use a variety of colors of aluminum, wood or PVC curtain, with automatic flip-chip function, to more accurately regulate the indoor natural lighting degree,

Application Range

Often used in office space, with its concise and crisp and popular, applicable to office buildings, conference rooms, stadiums, family homes, home shading, hotels, toilets and so on

Product Features

1. The use of imported 220V AC tubular motor;

2. Small motor noise, knob-type stroke debugging, accurate and reliable stroke control;

3. Choose the motor model according to the weight and size of the curtain;

4. Single set of products maximum width of 4 meters, the maximum height of 5.5 meters;

5. By the unique design, a motor can be completed Venetian blinds flip and up and down;

6. Louver leaf blade width is generally 25mm or 50mm, the material has aluminum alloy blades, bamboo, wood chips and so on;

7. In conjunction with the use of self-developed universal joints, you can achieve a motor drive several Venetian blinds.