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How To Choose Blinds
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The shutters were in a conspicuous position in the room. Also reflects the master's life taste and sentiment. In fact, in addition to decorative effect, the curtain material, efficacy, comfort level is not related to my well-being.

Curtains have cotton hemp, yarn quality, silk, flocking, bamboo, natural fiber and so on. Which, from the material points. Cotton, hemp is the curtain commonly used material, easy to wash and change, suitable for the bedroom; gauze curtains decorative strong, can enhance the depth of the interior sense, good light transmittance, suitable in the living room, balcony use; satin, flocking curtains texture exquisite, luxurious gorgeous, shading sound effect is good, but the price is absolutely higher.

Shutter lighting effect is good, bamboo curtain texture clear. and wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, do not fade, applicable to the living room and balcony; natural fiber curtains are hard, easy to wash and durable, good shading; wooden blinds are currently compared to the prevailing, the choice, can first touch the blade can be smooth, there is no burrs, and then the curtain hanging flat test pull, see open can be sensitive, finally turn the conditioning rod, Check whether the blade can be turned upside down; In addition, some wooden curtains will use adhesives, easy to form indoor purification, home has children, elderly or pregnant women should be carefully selected.

Usually the decorative nature of thinking, when people buy curtains. In fact, more attention should be focused on the following aspects.

When a continuous voice in the room reaches 30 db, the sound is kept. Explore the marked. Will disturb people's normal sleep. Therefore, the selection of a sound-absorbing effect of the curtain is essential, texture to flocking, cotton, hemp, for the better. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtains, the better the sound effect, good quality curtains can increase 10%20% outside music.