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Industrial Blinds Selection To Pay Attention To A Few Big Points
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The shutters are a style of windows, originating in China. In ancient Chinese architecture, there are straight lattice windows, from the Warring States to the Han dynasties have been used. Straight line of the Yue straight lattice window, there are bars, called lying lattice window. Industrial blinds because of its not easy to fade, no deformation, good insulation effect by consumers, the selection of this product you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Smoothness

Industrial blinds with the hand feel the smoothness of the blade and the wire frame, good quality products should be smooth formation, edge smooth, no thorn hand handle feeling.

2. Opening and closing function

Turn the adjustment bar to open the blade, good quality products should maintain a good level between the blades, that is, the spacing between the blades of symmetry, the blades remain straight, without the sense of bending up and down. When the blades are closed, the leaves should be in agreement with each other and there is no light gap.

3. Resistance to deformation

Industrial Shutter Blades Open, the use of hand pressure under the blade, so that the force of the blade bending, and then quickly let go, such as the blade to restore the horizontal state, no bending phenomenon, the quality of qualified.