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Main Classification Of MDF
- Oct 10, 2017 -

1, indoor MDF (indoor plate), indicating that the symbol is MDF, is not a short-term withstand water immersion or high humidity effect of MDF. The color of the plate is true.

2, indoor moisture-proof medium density fiberboard (for short), the symbol is MDF. H, is a medium-density fiberboard with short-term cold water immersion or high humidity effect, suitable for indoor kitchen, bathroom and other environment use. The board type color is identified as green.

3, Outdoor type MDF (outdoor plate), indicating that the symbol is MDF. E, is a medium density fiberboard with weathering conditions, water immersion, or heat and humidity in a ventilated place. The color of the plate is shaded.

The performance of medium density fiberboard varies greatly with different kinds of raw materials, manufacturing process and so on, according to product technical index, it is divided into 3 grades: excellent product, first grade and qualified product. In the national standards, the specified mechanical performance indicators are: static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, plate surface and edge grip screws; physical performance indicators are: density, moisture content, water absorption thickness swelling rate. Chemical performance indicators are: formaldehyde emission and so on.