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Quality Problems Of MDF
- Oct 10, 2017 -

MDF production technology content is high, is the capital and technology is more intensive modern industry, production line automation, the product is also a relatively good wood-based panel products One of the higher qualified rate, but there are still some problems, The quality problems generally reflected are as follows: 1. The surface roughness of the sheet, poor uniformity, affect the processing of the plate again; 2. The surface of the plate is seriously polluted, such as plastic spots, oil, etc., affecting the plate processing again; 3. The thickness of the plate is larger; 4. The bark content of the plate is higher; 5. The water resistance of the plate can not meet the needs of some applications. 6. The middle of the plate soft, grip screw force, the combination of The strength is low, at the same time cause the board edge coarse; 7. Formaldehyde emission exceeds the limit, affecting the health of the person.

These problems are not only the problems of MDF production in China, but also the gap between the advanced level and the foreign countries. In particular, when the formaldehyde emission of MDF is unqualified, the furniture made with it or as the interior decoration material becomes the indoor pollution source, which affects the personal health. In addition, the uniformity, smoothness, structure, thickness deviation, water resistance and other quality of MDF board in China are different from those of foreign products. The main reasons are: equipment accuracy is not enough, production line automation, technical level, management level and quality control and other aspects of the gap with foreign products.

As an industrial raw material products, MDF face the main consumer groups are enterprises, such as furniture, flooring and other manufacturers, rarely as finished products directly with ordinary consumers meet. However, the quality of MDF directly affects the quality of finished products purchased by consumers. Because MDF generally to be decorated after the production of finished products and ordinary consumers meet, so ordinary consumers difficult to judge from the appearance of MDF quality.