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Role And Advantages Of TOROYAL Shutter
- Dec 11, 2018 -

The TOROYAL shutters are made of PVC components. The components include vertical columns, blades, upper plates, lower plates, middle plates, lace, and various accessories. According to customer needs, the components are cut and assembled to form finished shutters.
The role of the TOROYAL shutters:
1. Adjust the intensity of light
When the light entering the room is strong, adjust the angle of the leaves of the shutters so that the distance between the leaves becomes smaller, and the light penetrating will also become weaker. Conversely, when the light is weak, adjust the angle of the leaves to maximize the light. Into the room. In this way, it can control the strength of the light and change the position of the light.
2. Increase the area of vision
The TOROYAL shutters have a window with a blade radius of 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm respectively. Adjust the blade angle so that the line of sight is parallel to the blade, increase the field of view, and make the decoration more beautiful.
The advantage of TOROYAL shutters:
1. Do not deform
PVC components have strong toughness and will slowly return to their original state after collision or deformation.
2. Easy to clean
Wipe with a rag and the dust from the shutters will be removed and the color will be the same
3. Corrosion resistance
PVC material has a strong corrosion resistance, whether it is blisters, acid and alkali erosion, it will not change color or be corroded
4. Fire-retardant
PVC materials also have strong flame resistance, because its melting point is relatively high, in the decoration and life, there is no need to worry about the shutters due to temperature changes
5. Warm winter and cool summer
The TOROYAL shutters are highly closed, and the material has poor thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the winter, it becomes a coat that resists the cold wind. In the summer, it becomes a parasol that guards against the heat.