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- 2018-11-27 14:59:16 -

  Many areas have been hit by heavy rain recently, especially insubtropical regin and the tropics.

  Every arrive rainstorm comes to live in door window to meet a big test, the close sex of door window, waterproof and firm sex become everybody most concern point.

  Therefore, we should pay more attention to the purchase and installation of doors and Windows.

  Part1: rainproof see function door window choose and buy to want to attack carefully heavy rain day, the influence of rain gale to household door window is bigger, have firm,Custom Shutterseal good door window just is the effective method that fights downpour weather.

  Door window performance of choose and buy should be careful 1, door window is windproof performance windproof performance is window of important characteristic, especially tall building window windproof is more important.

  Actually the profile that prevent wind sex basically is to see door window, door of golden door of green belt is refined by titanium magnesium aluminium alloy and become, the index such as intensity rigidity is better, face storm powerful wind to attack, can be household block wind and shield rain.

  2. Door and window watertightness watertightness is a pharmacy for selecting doors and Windows. Good water tightness allows doors and Windows to effectively block the access of outdoor rain water and keep the indoor dry.

  Generally, good glass Windows and Windows with good water tightness have insulating glass, that is, insulating glass is put between the base glass and the desiccant that can absorb water vapor to avoid water vapor entering.

  3. The air tightness of doors and Windows is also the airtightness performance. The plastic-steel thermal insulation window is a kind of better airtightness, which USES double-layer or even three-layer vacuum lpw-e glass.

  In addition, the air tightness to door window is bigger still have open window way, all sorts of on market open window way is compared after, discover the window air tightness of open type is better.

  Part2: it is very important to install doors and Windows in rainproof. The sealing of household Windows is closely related to the installation of doors and Windows. In the installation process, the following requirements must be achieved so that Windows can withstand the storm.

  Door window is installed very important 1, seal the sealing key that has a requirement door window closely depends on the door window all round block is strict, cannot appear the circumstance of leakage of air leakage.

  Generally speaking, the installation of window sealing strip is affected by the season, and the tightness of the installation is also exquisite.

  In summer, it must be sealed tightly to prevent the sealing strip from shrinking after cooling.

  Do not seal it too tightly when installing in winter to prevent thermal expansion.

  2. Caulking materials shall pay attention to theCustom Shutter Wholesalegaps between Windows and walls and shall be filled with caulking materials. Caulking materials shall be elastic materials.

  Do not use cement mortar for simple filling.

  3. How to do waterproof around doors and Windows?

  After the installation that can consider, apply a layer of anticorrosive material around door window, or use plastic film.

  Part3: the key is not only to pay attention to the materials and installation process, the daily maintenance of doors and Windows also has an impact on the resistance when the storm hits. If you want to make doors and Windows stand tall in the face of the storm, the daily maintenance must be done.

  1. Protective balance holes are an important part of keeping Windows sealed, and they need to be protected in daily life.

  Balance hole is window frame of window of model steel door window, window sash is used at drain decompression aperture, daily maintain should avoid sundry clog balance hole.

  2. Clean track blockage and rusting of doors and Windows are the factors influencing rain and water resistance.

  Therefore, in daily maintenance, the track must be cleaned regularly to ensure that there is no obstruction of particles and dust;

  Wash with soap and water next, prevent a surface to rust.

  3. Attention should be paid to using skills in daily use, which is also an important part of door and window maintenance.

  Note when using doors and Windows: push and pull the middle part of window sash when opening Windows, so as to improve the life of window sash;

  Second, open the window to avoid hard pushing glass, otherwise easy to let glass loose;

  Finally, the track window frame can avoid being hit by hard objects, otherwise the window frame and track deformation will affect rainproof ability.

  Small words: heavy rain abuse need not fear, the key of our house doors and Windows are tight enough, rain strong wind can not break into the home.

  In order to better protect the safety of household and dry, the choice of door window, installation and daily maintenance are indispensable.

  4. The length of the slide rail should be noted that the slide rail is an important part of the sliding door window. Generally, during the installation,Custom Shutter Factorythe length of the track is standardized to a certain extent.

  Review: in small make up explained the above information for everybody after, believe everybody has certain understanding and master to the respect of door and window choose or maintain.

  Do a good job of security of door window, believe again big storm also can be blocked by safety outside.